Gravity Entertainment is a fully insured corporate entertainment company that specializes in highly portable shows, including a number of standalone solo and duo theatrical acrobatic acts that can be purchased ready-to-go or choreographed to custom music: 

-Aerial Performance, including trapeze, silks, sling, and straps
-Handbalance (handstands on top of a high pole-see photos) solo acts, with and without apparatus

-Hand-to-hand partner acrobatics duo acts
-Juggling and diabolo (chinese yo-yo) on a 6 foot unicycle, available as a duo or solo act
-Juggling and balance solo
-High-level pole acrobatics with portable freestanding (no rigging required!) apparatus

In addition to feature acts, Gravity can provide roving or ambient performance with juggling or acrobatics, or full acrobatic and juggling shows up to 45 minutes and at a lower rate than most other companies because we take only 5-10% agency fee.

Why Choose Gravity?

GRAVITY has a 12-year history of designing shows and high end performances all over the world.  We have performed in 20 different countries in addition to all over the U.S.  We have a $3,000,000 insurance policy and a brand associated with household names such as Dos Equis, Delta Airlines, and Coca Cola. Have a cable subrscription? We've also been featured on ABC, NBC, and Telemundo.

None of that is worth anything, without great teamwork and client relations. Below are some of our favorite reviews:

  • This pair combines acrobatics, strength, and gymnastics to create an incredible act!
    — ABC tv
  • Everyone at the event loves the costumes and your performers are a pleasure to work with.
    — Rachel Morris, Lenox Square
  • I wanted to take a moment to extend my personal thanks for joining us on Sunday. You did an incredible job of turning a vague "tailgate-inspired" performance request into a thrilling multi-disciplinary number.
    — J Anderson, Producer, MIRRORBALL
  • I was fooled for a second, for a second I didn't know what you were going when you were in the audience but that was really great
    — Fred Armisen, Anchorman, Saturday Night Live, Portlandia
  • Thanks for the outstanding entertainment!!!!!!
    — Wally Herger


Dos Equis - Rocco - logo.jpg

Dos Equis - Most interesting fan

”Everyone (most importantly our client) was THRILLED with what you brought to the party.
Also thank you for being so accommodating and generally a joy to work with.”

J Anderson | Producer



The Gong Show

”I just loved it, I had a lot of fun”

Will Arnett
Arrested Development, Bojack Horseman, The Lego Batman Movie”

”Oh my god!”

Mike Myers
Austin Powers, Shrek, Waynes World, Bohemian Rhapsody

"Wow, wow, wow!"

Rita Wilson
Jingle All the Way, Sleepless in Seattle, and Runaway Bride




[“Fiery show”]

[”Spectacular acrobatics”]


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