Gravity Entertainment is a fully insured corporate entertainment company that specializes in highly portable shows, including a number of standalone solo and duo theatrical acrobatic acts that can be purchased ready-to-go or choreographed to custom music: 

-Aerial Performance, including trapeze, silks, sling, and straps
-Handbalance (handstands on top of a high pole-see photos) solo acts, with and without apparatus

-Hand-to-hand partner acrobatics duo acts
-Juggling and diabolo (chinese yo-yo) on a 6 foot unicycle, available as a duo or solo act
-Juggling and balance solo
-High-level pole acrobatics with portable freestanding (no rigging required!) apparatus

In addition to feature acts, Gravity can provide roving or ambient performance with juggling or acrobatics, or full acrobatic and juggling shows up to 45 minutes and at a lower rate than most other companies because we take only 5-10% agency fee.

Gravity hand to hand acrobatics...

Partner acrobatics available in a number of matching costumes.  Multiple standalone acrobatic acts available.  Contact us for details or specific video.


Rocco's 2016 Skill Reel...

Amazing acrobatic, balance, strength, and juggling skills featuring footage from high-end venues all over the world.


Solo fire staff...

Also available: fire juggling/passing, fire/machete juggling on unicycle, duo fire acrobatics, handstands with fire


Featured on International Television

Telemundo is the #2 spanish channel in the world. Rocco is featured here working with Cirque Productions in Florida during cross-country tour of the U.S.


Rocco on Villa Vanthilt

Villa Vanthilt is the #1 talk show in Belgium. Rocco was featured on Villa Vanthilt in 2010. Show mentions Rocco's military experience and shows clips from performance in Belgium.


Blast from the past!

This is the acro act that started Duo Push, a highly successful, well-rated, cruise ship act. This act has been performed in the U.S, Canada, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and more!