Gravity Entertainment is a fully insured corporate entertainment company that specializes in highly portable shows, including a number of standalone solo and duo theatrical acrobatic acts that can be purchased ready-to-go or choreographed to custom music: 

-Aerial Performance, including trapeze, silks, sling, and straps
-Handbalance (handstands on top of a high pole-see photos) solo acts, with and without apparatus

-Hand-to-hand partner acrobatics duo acts
-Juggling and diabolo (chinese yo-yo) on a 6 foot unicycle, available as a duo or solo act
-Juggling and balance solo
-High-level pole acrobatics with portable freestanding (no rigging required!) apparatus

In addition to feature acts, Gravity can provide roving or ambient performance with juggling or acrobatics, or full acrobatic and juggling shows up to 45 minutes and at a lower rate than most other companies because we take only 5-10% agency fee.

Nova is comfortable in group and solo shoots. Her calendar can book out pretty far from performing, so preference is given to projects that are higher paying and at non-peak performing times (generally weekdays).

Aerial Dance:
Flying entertainment? Nova is competent on all popular aerial apparatus, including Lyra (shown above), silks, hammock, and trapeze.

Nova can juggle both solo and in groups. For the right venue she can bring her own extra-bright LED glow clubs, or Diabolo (large light-up yo-yo that )


On the ground or in the air, Nova has a wide breadth of skills that she has showcased at corporate events, touring circus, and cruise ships.

Nova's most portable skill! Contortion can go anywhere, but looks best on a raised platform or stage. Don't have one at your event? Nova can bring her own!

Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics
Never heard of hand-to-hand? It's an entire class of elite partner acrobatics based on one acrobat doing handstands on top of another acrobat. Nova is an advanced hand-to-hand flier, but what really makes her special is being one of the few women in the world with a high-caliber adagio act in which she does all the lifting of her much heavier male partner.

Nova can accommodate virtually any venue with both peg and adjustable-height articulated stilts and a variety of matching costumes.

Nova can mix handstands and contortion to provide ambient performance at any venue.